Terms & Condition's

Terms & Conditions

Where applicable, VAT is included in the screen price.


Please note returns are not accepted on frozen goods unless a recall on the product has been issued.


All pick up from store orders are subject to 24hrs notice, we will contact you sooner if we can get it ready beforehand.


Due to limited storage space any collection orders placed must have a collection date left in the notes field on checkout, any orders not collected within 2 working days will be cancelled and a refund issued,

Any refunds are subject to a administration charge of up to £10.00, this will be deducted from any refund issued, this is to cover an additional cost we have incurred while storing and restocking and items as a result of not being collected.


We will not longer substitute any items not available, this will be refunded.

Due to constantly changing prices on all products in our industry, we have the right to change the prices without notice. 

The due to the regularity of the price changing and being a small team, we will not guarantee the prices on the shop floor reflect the price at the till, we often recycle boxes and sometimes miss old prices that are still written on these. You have the right to full refund on any purchase so long as you have not left the store, however will do not reduce the products to cover the difference.