About Us

Being a small business we don’t employ any staff so this is us!

Shaun & Kerry are the directors of the business, we have four girls, Summer, Paige, Morgan-May and Shelby-Louise.

Our dogs are, Cara (now approx. 13 years old) Lexi, and a fair few will have met in the shop already the youngest Parker and then Cooper.

As pet owners and raw feeders our aim has always been to supply a large range of affordable products without sacrificing quality, we also pride ourselves on customer service so we make a point of knowing our products.

Between us we run the website, Facebook page and the shop.

We started out from our home in the garage in May 2015 with just one freezer as a result of our supplier closing down and wanted more variety than we could source locally, Our theory was that if it didn’t work out then we had more than enough to feed our own dogs for a while, we scraped together enough money to bu a glass top display freezer and fill it with stock. we started taking orders as soon as we started advertising using social media when we found out we were would be stocking Bulmer pet foods.

Between May 2015 and January 2016 the business had grown from a part time ticking over in the background to a nice regular steady business gaining a name for its self, at this stage we started looking to make to jump into a small retail premises to see if we could make a go of it full time.

We took over a small unit at the Court yard centre in Lytchett and opened on the 28th February 2016. Shaun did the day to day running and Kerry kept her dog services business going as there wasn't enough money to take a wage yet. This grew so quickly we struggled for room and started to seek bigger shop.

In June 2016 we took the keys to rent the current shop, Renovated and opened up on the 24th June. Since being here we have invested in new freezers, more ranges of food. 

Our current task (November 2016) is trying to work out how we increase storage once again, we have looked at bigger walk in freezers, Freezer trailer and even a freezer van to make us more mobile for the upcoming show season in 2017 so watch this space for things to come……

Update 05.12.16........

The storage is for the time being has been solved by replacing our old 1.2m x 1.7m freezer with a 1.9m x 2.3 m unit, not only bigger in size but the compressor isn't mounted within the unit so more floor space. only way to store more now is a bigger shop.



We have not updated this section mainly as i kind of forgot! a lot has happened in the last few years, We are what i describe as a different business now. everything we do has changed, combination of learning new ways and having no choice due to health and safety ect. Most importantly though we still pride our selves on the fundamentals of our starting point, customer service, good range of products, cost effectiveness.

We are still in the same shop only we have both units now, we have new walk in freezer that is 4m x 3m along with the one we purchased a few years back. 

We lost one of our dogs (Lexi) in January 2019 to what we believe to of been a brain tumour of some sort, we have however gained a new dog (ess Daisy)

We have a member of staff (Fiona) that works for us on a Wednesday, Saturday and a Sunday morning meaning we are open 6.5 day a week. we offer nation wide courier service which includes the channel islands, we have our own range range of branded minces and we manufacture our own frozen treats in house.

I've also linked our ePos till system to our website to help keep stock levels nice and constant.


Moving forward through 2019 and into 2020 we aim to gain some formal qualifications, not because we feel we need them to prove anything but we love to continue the learning process.

So far we have taken the Dorwest training scheme to be able to offer advice on their products, attended a raw feed veteran seminar course with Dr Nick Tompson and Dr Connor Bradey. we have also done some raw nutrition training for formulating diets, we are both starting Pet nutrition courses which will take us though to 2020.

That's about it for now. will try and remember to update this section more often.