COVID-19 Statement

Covid secure statement 25/06/2020
Updated 21/07/2020 to add
As of 24th July 2020 it will become mandatory as per the governments instructions, to wear a face covering in all shops. There are exemptions, which we are to request be shown prior to entering the store.
We also have a 'pre-order/prepay and collect' from the store option available, for those that choose not to wear a face covering.

We have fully mitigated all potential risks for both our customers and our staff,
And made this publicly viewable in this statement.

*** Manage contacts ***
1- We have taken into account our current floor space and have decided in order to safely follow social distancing guidelines, only Two people at any time should enter the premises plus our staff, unless you are persons from the same household. However to enable other customers to shop, we may ask that only one person from the household remain in the store at any given time.
2- we have supplied, and encourage the use of hand sanitiser upon entering the store and also request goods aren't touched whilst browsing unless you intend on purchasing them to avoid cross contaminating of goods, please only use the gloves provided in store to reduce the risk of contamination.
Our website has all products we stock on there, with prices, so if your unsure what you require we recommend contacting us prior to your visit or you can pre-order via the website to collect from our store
3 - queuing outside the shop should be done safely and we advice maintaining a safe distance from other members of the public at all times.
4- We are temporarily open for reduced times, to ensure our business activities are reduced during peak times for the other local businesses and thus reducing risk to our customers

** Protecting people at higher risk ***
1- We have no staff which are clinically vulnerable, so they don't need to shield or be offered an alternative job role.
As part of our health and safety package, all staff has access to facilities for mental health which is available at all times should it be required and as employers we regularly check our staff are fit to work both physically and mentally.
2- if a customer is clinically vulnerable we recommend placing your order via our website
For a contact free delivery to your door.

** The workplace **

1- Poole Raw Pet Food has 4 employees.
2- Where possible, employees are placed on a shift pattern so are not in the premises at the same time, so reducing staff contact.
3- We have clear signs stating Two Customers in the premises at any time.
4- contact less payment is available.
5- A perspex sheet has been placed around the till area

** Keeping the workplace clean ***

1- The premises are thoroughly cleaned before we open and again at the close of business, using a viricidal cleaner and disinfectants.
2- We clean all surfaces which are touched regularly with viricidal cleaners throughout the day
3- All waste is removed regularly and personal belongings at the end of each shift.
4- Our air conditioning units which run overnight are serviced regularly.
When the shop is open we keep it well ventilated, by opening doors and we have a very large industrial fan running for air movement.

** Hygiene **
1- Gloves, and hand sanitiser is provided for both staff and customer use in store.
2- Our staff areas are kept clean and well ventilated at all times.
3- Staff are encouraged to wash their hands after each process, to prevent any cross contamination.
4 - We are unable to have products returned once they leave the store due to be frozen goods (unless in the event of a recall)
5- regular cleaning of touch points are carried out by our staff.
6- Staff are to wear the correct uniform, which must be washed at the end of each shift.
7- if our staff use public transport, the must wear the ffp3 mask we have provided to them.

*** face coverings *'

Our staff have all been provided with both ffp3 masks and visors.
In most cases these aren't needed as we are able to maintain a safe distance from our customers and delivery drivers bringing in incoming stock.
However in the event a minimum of at least 2m cannot be met we expect the PPE to be worn and hands should be thoroughly cleaned prior to putting on the mask /visor and upon removal of them

Face coverings can be worn by our customers if they chose to but as we are fully compliant with regulations... .. Aren't enforced by us. currently.

** In bound & Outbound goods **

Most of our goods in are contact free, however we do have to manually help take some from the back of freezer vans, when we do so we ensure a safe distance is kept from each person.
We enable drivers of goods in access to welfare facilities as required.
When packing orders our staff wear gloves which are removed/replaced before starting another process and must have clean hands at all times..

Our shop is currently open on a self service basis
Monday 9am until 3pm
Tuesday 9am until 1pm
Wednesday 9am until 3pm
Thursday 9am until 1pm
Friday 9am until 3pm
Saturday 9am until 1pm.

If you require advice or a start guide, please contact us by email/phone or fb pages messenger prior to visiting our store, as our staff aren't permitted to break social distancing measures, so cannot do this in store.

Our shift patterns and staff are fully traceable in the event track and trace require us to provide this information at any point in the event of a local outbreak.

Deliveries on our freezer van are pre-ordered and pre-paid via our website, and are non contact for both your safety and ours.

Poole Raw Pet Food is fully insured and we are fully Health and safety compliant through Croner services who keep us up to date at regular intervals with the latest government advice for retail businesses.
We will update this statement when new information is released for our sector.

This information is also available for public viewing on our website and In store.
These protocols listed are in addition to the daily health and safety processes already in place for the daily running of our business.

Many thanks to you all, stay safe during these testing times, we will do everything we can to help your pet food shop remain as pleasant and normal, as physically possible.

Kerry & Shaun company Directors
On behalf of Poole Raw Pet Food Ltd

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